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Controlling the demon: A priest’s take on exorcism in RP

Here is an article about exorcism.

In the Philippines alone, 307 cases have been recorded and were proven to be demonic in nature.

Given this number, Fr. Jocis Syquia, director of the Office of Exorcism of the Archdiocese of Manila, stressed the importance of exorcism. As the Church’s blessing to protect its people from evil, he said that it is a ministry that must never be forgotten.

"[Exorcism is] when the Church asks publicly and authoritatively in the name of Jesus Christ that a person or object be protected against the power of the evil one and be withdrawn from his dominion," he said in an interview on ANC’s "Talkback with Tina Palma."

Syquia said that exorcism is a tradition that was handed down from Christ to the Church. Back then, all Christians could exorcise in Jesus’ name. But as time went by and the influence of evil became more widespread, only bishops and a number of priests were given the authority to perform exorcisms.

The ‘power’ of the possessed

We’ve seen exorcism in the movies. "Constantine" and "The Exorcist" are just some of the films which show demonic possessions. But what really happens when someone is possessed, at least in the point of view of the Church?

Before a person is possessed, Syquia said that a person goes into a trance state. At this stage, another consciousness, or the evil spirit, comes in.

Possessed by this new identity, the individual appears to possess extraordinary strength, being able to do things he can’t do on a normal basis.

"We have cases, for example, a small girl who could carry a whole pew by herself and use it as battering ground," he said.

He mentioned, for instance, that there was a possessed being who was trying to pull another person’s heart without physical contact. As the other person really felt that his heart was being pulled, Syquia intervened and prayed over the possessed person.

Syquia added that there may be cases when the person, while controlled by the devil, knows people’s deepest, darkest secrets. He recalled a time when the possessed individual told him his venial sins, something not even his closest friends knew.

Stronger faith in God, lesser chances of possession

According to the Office of Exorcism, there are 10 causes for demonic possessions: occult involvement; traumatic experience; opening the third eye; contamination (victim of occult activities); sinful lifestyle; new age practices; unforgiveness; false christian beliefs and practices; pornography; and satanism.

Syquia said that one should immediately seek for an exorcist should he feel disturbed by negative elements. He noted, however, that there is a difference between a person who is possessed and someone who is psychologically challenged.

Although exorcism can help in healing a person, Syquia stressed that he must still do his own share of action. The priest added that a deep faith in God is still the best way to reduce the risk of demonic possession.

"The person must have good relation with god. If one has a strong faith in god, then it will lessen the chances of possession," he said. --With Jekki Pascual, ANC

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My friend is a co-faculty member in the Graduate School. He was Organization and Management as well As Human Behavior in Organization. A scholar since grade school, he finished his college and masteral with distinct honors from a prestigious sectarian university in the South. Employed as a Manager in HR Department of a chain of hotels when he had the amazing near death experience, his job descriptions included trouble shooting between management and the union.

That fatal day, after a long hours of negotiations and renegotiations, he was just happy to drive home and take a hot shower.

He was about to board his car when he felt something on his chin, No pain, but it came later as blood gushed like a busted fire hydrant. He got shot . No one dared to come near him. They did not see the assassin. He did not know how long he had been there, lying in a pool of blood. The bullet was the type that explodes inside the skin. The ambulance came; so were the kibitzers. The nearest hospital was a government hospital where despite the lack of medical supplies to handle such kind of operation, the doctors did their best to save his life. Time was running out and he was losing a lot of blood.

After six hours of operation, the doctor assured the family that he would pull through.
He lived but there was a need for him to go to the United States for reconstructive surgery. The bullets shattered his chin. His jawbone was no longer there.

Through the help of relatives and friends, he was brought to the US for the much needed surgery. The operation entailed sawing off a portion of his skull in order to get a bone for his mandible.
During the process, he flatlined.

“ I felt myself floating in that room. I can hear the frantic conversations of the doctors and nurses. They were trying to revive me. I felt light and could see the medical team working on a body that seemed to be mine”.
"In that unconscious state, I saw a very familiar figure, dressed in white. He seemed to be floating too since we were looking down on the doctors and nurses."
"He did not talk; he was just smiling. I never expected him to be a member of a reception committee”"
"Then I heard a voice. He’s back. "

For years, he had this puzzle to himself. He was no way connected or have met Benigno Aquino, Jr.
The dean of the Graduate School advised him to consult me. He believed in me when I identified who was haunting the resort where we stayed for our conference.

Though, he was skeptical, he approached me. After relating the story, he asked me for an explanation.
I said, " It must be because it was August 21." The answer just came out of the blue.
"Acceptable, but how did you know it was August 21?" he asked.
I did not know either, I told myself. I shrugged my shoulders in response.
I added that the good senator took the mission of guiding newcomers whose death may have been caused by assassination. The impact of the sudden death leaves them alone and disoriented in their entry to the other world.

Back and alone in my room, I doubted too what came out from my mouth. First, my friend did not die when he was assassinated.

So I floated a question. If it was he who whispered, will he pretty please give me a sign, within an hour. I should like see his picture without me looking for it.
I was sure that I would not get one. His brithday anniversary was four months yet. There was no news or write up about him but then, I did not touch a newspaper or a magazine. I decided to stay in my room for the next hour.
Time was up. I called the help to buy me something. I pulled a bill from my purse. There was his picture. The help dropped something. It was a used stamp. She explained, she was collecting stamps for his kid brother. It was Benigno Aquino's picture in the stamp.

Disclaimer: All stories that are posted here are true and have never been published

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I TALK TO DEAD PEOPLE. ONE OF THEM WAS BENIGNO AQUINO JR. It happened in 1989. My friend compiled the writings. Below are the copies of the writings. That was not my regular penmanship.

I became interested with this article:


In recent news, Ninoy is supposedly haunting
government offices again:

Lawyer Cecile Villarin, who assists in
the research work on the Aquino-Galman
double murder case, recounted that on Feb. 22,
she was working on her computer at the PAO
in Diliman, Quezon City, on the transcript
of records of Rebecca Quijano — also known
as the Crying Lady — when she was surprised
to find the words “To reach Senator Aquino”
suddenly appear on the screen.
Villarin told Tonight it was rather strange,
pointing out she was in the process of copying
and pasting another sentence when the phrase
came up on the screen — and was repeated eight

These are the copies of the messages written thru automatic writing way back in
1989, the year when I consulted Licauco for explanation.

To understand what automatic writing is, refer to this site.

Image hosted by

His message about the election of another
woman president as early as 1989.

Image hosted by

His message about Honasan.

Image hosted by

In case, you asked,no, there was no message
about his murder.

I wonder why he is manifesting again.

Visit my archive about Ninoy and the
near death experience of a professor.

As always, I do not force people to believe.
Believe it or not.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Beyond the Grave

ghost image at touching my soul
Beyond the Grave

When a person passes away, nothing in his character changes away immediately. His unfulfilled desires are as strong as before. Depending on his degree of psychic development he will be able to get back to his usual surroundings and impress his friends/relatives with his presence.
Remy(not her real name), a secretary in the college of a government university was not given to hallucinations or emotional outbursts.
During the year this story happened, she was several months shy for early retirement. She was in charge of the graduating students of the college. From the time, a student’s name was included in the roster of candidates for graduation, she kept track of the student’s file, updated it and if necessary met with the student to coordinate with him for the graduation requirements.
She was very efficient in her duties that she had memorized the names by heart and had remembered the faces of the students to their smallest moles and warts. She considered the graduating students her “children”.
Tomas badly wanted to get the elusive white certificate. He had been in the university for more than six years. His batch had already graduated and had joined the gainfully employed and the unemployed. So when he was summoned by Remy to work closely with her in updating his files so that his name would be included in the final list of candidates for graduation, he was ecstatic.
He started coming to see Remy regularly. His last semester was mere completion of grades for some minor subjects.
He informed Remy (who became fond of him) of any problem that might prevent him from going up the stage for graduation.
He swore that nothing would stop him to march on graduation day.
That was the last day of the submission of the requirements for graduating students.
Remy was busy.
He saw Tomas came in white long-sleeved- dress shirt.
She teased him that it was not graduation yet.
Tomas merely smiled at her and submitted what were required for his graduation.
Remy simply stamped them Received. She had no time to talk to him. She got other students to attend to.
She hoped that she could get hold of him before the day ended.But he was gone. She felt unexplained sadness.
Tomas' classmates saw him seated on one of the concrete seats under a tree in the university campus. He was quiet but he smiled when his classmates made fun of his white shirt.
Like Remy, his classmates teased him too. That was the first time they saw him in white shirt and white pants.
He was comfy with colored loose-t shirt and blue jeans.
Remy asked the intern to hold the call from the Registrar’s office while she picked out a folder from her desk. She mused whether the call was about the files of the graduating students that she submitted yesterday. She wanted to be ready, although she was one hundred per cent sure that she did not miss anything. She checked the files several times before she personally handcarried it to the Registrar's office.
It was the Asst. Registrar.
While listening, she was mumbling, ” it was impossible.”
Then she said yes and put down the phone. After a few seconds, she sat down and broke down into tears.
Tomas died in his sleep two nights before. The family called to inform the university.
Remy swore that she saw him when he submitted his last requirements. The classmates swore that they saw him too.
On that commencement exercise, a vacant seat was reserved to a candidate. When his name was called, the graduating class stood up and gave him a round of applause.
Indeed, not even his death stopped him from graduating.
This is a true story. I knew Tomas when he was still alive.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


cat dreaming at touching my soul

I still have several near death experience stories but, I would like to go to another psychic dimension –dreams.

There are several books that interpret the meaning of dreams. I have one in my link.

Bible and other great books of historical related stories that showed substantial beliefs that dreams had prophetic values like Joseph’s interpretation of 7 fat and 7 lean cows.

It is difficult to interpret dreams because one has to know the physical condition of the dreamer at the time he was on a sleep stage. An uncomfortable sleeping position can cause nightmare or upsetting dreams.

Prophetic are different from warning dreams. The first type of dreams brings messages that ARE PERTAINING TO THE FUTURE; something that range from prophecies involving the world to or precognition of events that may apply to anyone.

Warning dreams are scenes portrayed that may or may not happen since they can be averted under some certain conditions. Like, if one dreams about a terrible accident in a car, the dreamer should avoid driving or long trips by car for a few days.

Majority of the prophetic dreams however do not need to be interpreted by the dreamer. They are more like receiving a message in an unconscious state and expect it to happen during conscious state the way it has been dreamed.

Some people attribute this “premonition” to evil but it is not. If one believes in Divine Presence, then he will believe that built-in warning device mechanisms are provided to every finished product that come from HIS factory.

Days before my friend had a car accident in Nevada, he dreamt of driving uphill. It was foggy he could not see the road. Despite the cold weather, he was perspiring inside the car.Then he saw the vision. The car fell into the ravine. He was shouting but no one seemed to hear him. He saw a light emanating from above. Then he awoke.

The dream could be related to his anxiety of surviving the crises he was undergoing.The dark road could be interpreted to mean hopelessness in the future and the car accident was a death wish.

BUT dreams about accidents and sickness will most likely happen. A philosopher once wrote that dreams and visions are infused into men for their advantage and instruction.

I advised him to stay indoor. He was a person who believed that the meaning of dreams is the exact opposite.

He had a money problem. He was of the opinion that the casino was the solution.He was living in style that his cards were maxed. His personal credit was up to his neck. He got a two bedroom condo and a BMW in Cal where he relocated from NOO Yawk.

Ignoring my advise, together with a friend, he made a long drive to Nevada. The road was slippery. The ice had not fully melted. He did not know how to put the chain in the tires. He was driving uphill just like what he saw in the dream. It was sudden. The tires swerved. Only a tree prevented them from plunging to the bottom. A big branch of the tree caught the BMW. It was secured by other small branches from falling but they had to get out of the car quick. The doors were jammed and there was no way, they would be seen by the motorists.

He remembered the light from above from his dream. He looked up and saw the sunroof. Big and wide enough to squeeze his petite body. From there, he signalled to the passers-by by means of his small flashlights.

The rescue came in less than an hour. He was freezing and his friend was in a shock. He remembered my advice.

I told him that accidents and other calamities do not come in disguises and symbols.

If a dream did not transpire, it did not mean, it had to be dismissed as foolish.

Sometimes, people close to the dreamers must have offered prayers for the safety of the dreamer. They may not have the knowledge of the dream but they might have received a hunch. Kutob or kaba ng dibdib.

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Remote viewing

Remote viewing is the alleged psychic ability to perceive places, persons and actions that are not within the range of the senses. Instead of a twig or other device, one uses psychic power alone to dowse the entire galaxy, if need be, for whatever one wants: oil, mountains on Jupiter, a lost child, a buried body, a hostage site thousands of miles away, inside the Pentagon or the Kremlin, etc.

I did not know the term used for this extrasensory power when I met a man with this incredible gift.

During her visit from US, my mom asked me to go with her in her hometown to check out some properties that she inherited from my grandparents. It was a coconut plantation. We did not care much about it that it was my cousins who enjoyed the fruits of the land.

To reach the island where a cousin-caretaker lived, we had to travel by water.It was in this motorboat where realized I made some connections with the middle-aged man who was also a psychic.Psychic connections exist everywhere that it seems there are magnetic forces that draw you to each other.

He did not know me, I did not know him not until that time that I saw him talking to a priest.

“Sometimes, I get scared, Father that these spirits that possess my body are evil.” Obviously alarmed, he asked the priest in a civilian clothes.

“Don’t you know how?” the priest said in a soft voice, hardly inaudible.

“ How do I know, father ?” the man asked back.

“Can you not tell apart the way they take over your body?” the priest continued.

He said that when possessions come very strongly, he knew that they are coming from troubled spirits. Crises of all kinds carry a strong emotional charge and therefore transmit louder signals.

I approached him, hoping to learn more from him. He was natural. He did not get his gift from books or from seminars.

He was glad to tell me how it started if I would visit his place where he had more time to have a chat.He said that he thought we were from the same “planet”.

So that night, after taking a shower from an improvised bamboo pipes that brought water from a spring up the mountain to my cousin’s “banyo”, I decided to see my new psychic friend.

I can’t tell whether it was the spring water that made me feel refreshed and invigorated or the anticipation that I would talk to an interesting person.

The village lies on the lip of the small island fringed with coconut trees. Small nipa huts dotted the long stretch of land that culminates to the shore ending in a wooded promontory.

Except for the some lights from the windows of houses, the place was totally in darkness.No electricity.

I timed my walk from my cousin’s to his house, it was mere fifteen minutes. He must be expecting me. I did not have to announce my presence by the traditional greeting of “Tao po” to hear his welcome.

Their house was enveloped by darkness too. I stopped momentarily at the doorway. Except for the kerosene lamp, nothing illuminated the family’s one -room house.

He invited me inside.I stretched out my hand to shake his as a sign of greeting. The old woman gestured that he would not see me. Indeed, his eyes were closed. But she was wrong, he grasped my hand and asked me to sit down on the floor. His eyes were still closed. He told me stories about his experience. But for this article, I would like to focus in one of his gifts, the remote viewing.

He described to me our house in Quezon City. He was accurate; the kitchen, the bedrooms, the garage, etc.

He had not been to Manila, neither in the city.

But his remote viewing was unbelievable. Something that I realized I had when I was in Indonesia.

In one of our travels to that country, we were met by our host in the hotel where my lady-lawyer-friend and I were billeted for our stay.

Our itinerary for that day was to go to the host’s office before we visit some batik factories.

My friend asked me to view how his office looked like. Just for curiosity.

Simply amazing to see those blue tiles in the hallway of the building and the odd shapes on the walls. Colors and shapes seemed easy to pick up in the remote viewing. Try it.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Prophecy and Fortune telling 2

What is the difference between prophecy uttered by biblical prophet and the minor prophet/fortune teller of our time. The inherent difference would be in the quality of the gift of prophecy.

Take for instance:
And Jesus answered and said to them: See to it that no one misleads you. For many will come in my name, saying, "I am the Christ," and will mislead many. And you will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars; see that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations on account of my name. At that time many will fall away and will deliver up one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.

And because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, he shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come.

Maria Laach Monastery (16th Century):
"The twentieth century will bring death and destruction, apostasy from the Church, discord in families, cities and governments; it will be the century of three great wars with intervals of a few decades. They will become ever more devastating and bloody and will lay in ruins not only Germany, but finally all countries of East and West."
"After a terrible defeat of Germany will follow the next great war. There will be no bread for people anymore and no fodder for animals. Poisonous clouds, manufactured by human hands, will sink down and exterminate everything. The human mind will be seized by insanity."

Blessed Rembordt (18th Century)
"God will punish the world when men have devised marvelous inventions that will lead them to forget God. They will have horseless carriages; they will fly like birds."

Therese Neumann, German Mystic (20th Century):
When asked if America will experience war on its soil, she replied, "No, but at the end of this century America will be destroyed economically by a series of natural disasters."

The Oracle of Delphi
People came from all over Greece and beyond to have their questions about the future answered by the Pythia, the priestess of Apollo. And her answers, usually cryptic, could determine the course of everything from when a farmer planted his seedlings, to when an empire declared war. Arguments over the correct interpretation of an oracle were common, but the oracle was always happy to give another prophecy if more gold was provided. A good example is the famous incident before the Battle of Salamis when the Pythia first predicted doom and later predicted that a 'wooden wall' (interpreted by the Athenians to mean their ships) would save them. The lack of a strict religious dogma associated with the worship of Greek gods also encouraged scholars to congregate at Delphi, and it became a foca l point for intellectual enquiry, as well as an occasional meeting place where rivals could negotiate. Delphi became a fantastic showcase of art treasures and all Greek states would send rich gifts to keep the Oracle on their side. It finally came to an end in the 4th century AD when a newly Christian Rome proscribed its prophesying.

And who would forget the oracle in Matrix?

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Prophecy and Fortune telling Part 1

image of fortune teller at touching my soul
Some people believe that predictions of great prophets such as Saint John, Nostradamus, Malachy and Edgar Cayce will come to pass exactly as prophesied.
Some people do not believe at all to any kind of prophecy.
Some people examine the track record of prophesies fulfilled and unfulfilled.

I am one of the people who believe that there is no such thing as accurate prophecy or prediction.Prophets or psychics are mere human beings who may filter the information through their personalities and minds. The original messages may then be lost as the recipients of the knowledge may inject their own interpretations and expectations.

It could be also that the Universal Power allows only so much certainty in order to help humanity to deal with it by preparing and choosing the courses of actions that may change the course of destiny.

Prophecies are of two kinds; the events that will surely occur and the events that may occur but may be changed for even though the prophets and the seers can predict catastrophies, they cannot predict the reaction of the people when the event occurs.
Great Prophets ?

The most documented prophet was Michel Nostradamus a 16th century French physician and astrologer.
Among his prophecies that had already been realized were:
• The Priests would be threatening the astronomers about their discoveries that run counter with religious tenets. When Galileo used his instrument to discover that the earth circles the sun, the Church asked him to recant his pronouncement.
• He predicted the colonization of England of a country named America. The prediction was made when colonists had not yet come to America.
• He talked about communism, aerial bombardments, atom boms, submarines when these ideas, had come in the later centuries.
• And many more...
Edgar Cayce, a well-known psychic and healer predicted the following:
• Between 1968 and 1998, Los angeles, San Francisco and New York would be hit by a major destruction.
• End of Communism and Russia and America becoming allies and friends
Saint Malachy, a medieval abbot prophesied about the end of the Vatican.
He characterized the reign of Pope John Paul 1 as “ of the waxing moon because his reign lasted only for 34 days.
Prophecy should not be feared but should not be ignored either. We come into terms with the prophecies by acknowledging a higher POWER governing our destinies.
Next fortune telling.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mental Telepathy?

Mental telepathy is defined by wikipedia as the supposed ability to communicate information from one mind to another, and is one form of extra-sensory perception or anomalous cognition. This information is generally reported as being "received" in the same form as that from the conventional senses.

I will let you be the judge if there was a mental telepathy between a friend I have never met personally Celia and me.

On Dec. 17, I received this e-mail from her.
Dear Cathy,
You must have known by now that I'm a regular reader of your blogs especially the Choice Cut. Lately I came across things that immediately brings your name to mind. My strong feeling is - I have to give it to you.Don't worry it's nothing sinister ... so give me your snail mail addy please?
Very best regards to you and your family.


This was my response.


Hi C,
pasensiya na kung hindi ako nakasagot kaagad. naglinis pa ako ng computer.
Ibibigay ko saiyo ang address ng aking kaibigan kasi kaya nga ako nagbukas ng kubong munti site ko dahil i will be moving early next year.
I am sorry that I was not able to respond immediately. I am cleaning my computer. I am going to give you the address of my friend because I will be moving early next year.


I received the package thru a friend.
Here is an excerpt of the e-mail I sent her on Dec.29.

Hi C,

I was about to write this in your comment box but i decided that I should just e-mail you in private.

That time when you had that uncanny feeling, I must be looking for them and sending them the message.

Dec. 29
Hi Cath,
I'm glad it arrived quite quick. The lady in the post office told me it would take 2 weeks. I hope they are in good conditions, i.e. not smashed or chipped. I think they're all right because I 'visualised' a protection on the package. :)
The week of the 'funny feeling' I kept seeing fairies whenever I go out window shopping during lunch time at work. And everytime your name kept coming up in my head. I had this urge to send them to you. It was very difficult to ignore. You know there was a whole collection of those fairies and I thought to send you 2 of them plus a cat which I think represents you.
Just when I was closing that card envelope there's this voice again that said they protect you. I'm glad you confirmed this otherwise I might think I'm hearing things. Your fairy stories are riveting.

Dec.29, an excerpt of my e-mail.

Dear C,
I think you are also sensitive . I have never written in my blog that I had seen and already talked with fairies. You must be a clairaudient to intercept the message I sent to "my friends " asking them where they were.
This is not the first time, it happened. One time, my neighbor forwarded to me some materials sent by someone who was "urged "to send them to me.

Mind over Matter-Psychic Healing?

Wrongful thinking, negative emotions-ranging from fear and anxiety to hatred and destructiveness, from frustration to depression and boredom-cause the body to fall ill.
On the other hand, proper thought restores the body to the state of good health.
Thoughts are believed to form a person’s atmosphere—the aura that surrounds him.
I know these but human being as I am, sometimes I allow anxiety and depression to dominate my thoughts.
People undergo these phases of life regardless of educational attainment, occupation, age,race and religious affiliations.
Last week, I was in the condition where an ordinary person would have slipped into a coma. But my brain just would not like to give in. My doctor got scared. He warned me not to take my condition for granted. I said yes to my doc. Now with lots of pills to swallow every few hours, I feel like a piggy bank with a few coins that rattle everytime you shake it.
As a yoga practitioner, I was not a pill-popping individual at the first sign of colds. I was down with flu less than the number of fingers in my two hands since I realized that bacterias and viruses exist and are latent in our human system.
Almost all my sick leaves were thought-induced I-was-not feeling-well-syndrome or due to my irritable-bowel-syndrome.
Back in the Philippines, I had a surgery. The anaesthesiologist hated me. She could not knock me down. I counted more than a hundred sheep and the animals got tired but sleep eluded me.
Worse, everytime, they tried to cut me, I told them, it hurt. She would not like to increase the dosage of the three types of anaesthesia that she injected to my system. She said it was dangerous to have an overdose; it would leave me paralyzed.
The surgeon and the anaesthesiologist decided to wait for more time for the anaesthesia to take effect. I overheard one doctor to comment that my brain must be fighting it. I did not want to fall asleep.
Minutes after, the doctors told me jokingly that they were going to get a boxer to knock me down to sleep.
They decided to go ahead with the surgery even if I was conscious. They did not want the anaesthesia to wear off too.
They asked me again, if I can feel the scalpel. I said yes, but I did not feel pain. Good Lord, they exclaimed. One type of anaesthesia took effect.
They went ahead of the operation . During its whole duration , I could hear the doctors talked about different stuff ranging from serious topics to gossips. I felt the incision in my skin and the sharp needle when they sew cross stitch to it.
I fell asleep an hour after they brought me to my room.
What a scary experience. I hoped that I had a volume control for my thoughts.
As one psychic said, words are key instruments to action and thoughts are souls to the words.

If I got a strong mind power, why would I not resort to psychic healing?
Psychic healing is always holistic; the entire person is healed, physical and etheric bodies.

At this time, my etheric body needs healing more than my physical body does. To heal myself physically, I should heal my etheric body first.

So the conventional medicines help.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Telepathy ?

Last night, I watched THOUGHTCRIMES. The central figure of the story is a young lady who is endowed with ability to hear what other people think. Her role is that of a telepath. I refused to use the word mind reading as used in the movie because reading mind is not a psychic phenomenon. People who claim that they can read minds are called mentalists.Most of them are entertainers.

The story began when she was a state ward in a mental institution for three years, totally abandoned by her sibling,declared to be suffering from insanity by the attending doctors.

It was not clear to me how the NSA people got interested in her because of her psychic ability. Like most of the people who realized that they have the gift, her first impulse was to reject it. Without proper guidance, a person may not be able to use the special powers to good advantage. A doctor assumed that role of helping her harness her talent.

In this movie- made- for TV, the reluctant psychic was used by the NSA to track the mastermind of an organized crime syndicate that is involved in money laundering, terrorism, assassinations and other crimes that threaten the security of USA. Manila was mentioned in relation to terrorists’ training as well as money laundering activities of the syndicate.

Her role is to listen to the suspects being interrogated. Her mind operates like a lie detector test. She tells her partner if the suspect is telling a lie or not.At the end she tells him what the suspect is really thinking.


I hope there is really an individual who has that great ability so that terrorists can be annihilated before they sow terror, murderers and criminals could be locked up before they have another murderous rampage and crooked government officials and politicians would never get into public service.
It is not because I do not believe on telepathy because am convinced that I am a telepath myself. It was the way a telepath was presented as a super being that I was not comfortable with. Psychics may be special people but they are not supermen.
What is telepathy ?
"Telepathy"was coined in 1882 by Frederic Myers , a French physical researcher who founded the Society for Physical Research. The word is derived from the Greek terms tele ( "distant") and pathe ("occurrence" or "feeling").
This psychic phenomenon is a communication that occurs between minds that includes thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations and mental images.
Various theories have been advanced to describe the functioning of telepathy. To explain telepathy, the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus put forth the wave and corpuscle theories. In the 19 century, British chemist and physicist William Crookes, thought telepathy rode on radio- like brain waves while Soviet scientist L. L. Vasilies proposed the electromagnetic theory.
Psychologists and psychiatrists observed this phenomenon in their patients that they offered explanations for the extrasensory experience.
Sigmund Fraud termed it as regressive, primitive faculty that was lost in the course of evolution, but which still had the ability to manifest itself under certain conditions. Psychiatrist Carl G. Jung considered it a function of synchronicity.
Among the psychic phenomena,telepathy was the first to be studied scientifically by the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) which was founded in 1885.
It was a simple test of requiring a sender in one room to transmit a two-digit number, a taste, or a visual image to a receiver in another room.
As interest in telepathy increased, mass telepathic experiments were undertaken in the United States and Britain.
In 1971, a telepathic experiment was conducted during the Apollo 14 mission. The NASA denied that it was authorized. Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell conducted the experiment with four recipients on Earth, 150,000 miles below. Mitchell transmitted the sequences of twenty-five random numbers telepathically. With a goal of 40 correct responses out of 200 sequences, the 51 correct guesses were found to be significant to prove distance is not a barrier for telepathy. Personally, I agree with one writer that telepathy is a faculty that everyone may have deeply embedded within their minds. Some are capable of being good senders or good receivers especially between people who know each other or are emotionally close to each other.
Husbands and wives or good friends manage to communicate without words—spoken words.
Telepathy may be difficult to test but many have enough evidence to substantiate its existence.
For instance, you have a sudden thought of a friend and she suddenly thinks of you and gives you a call.
Sometines, the message is in a form of an image, emotions or ideas that could serve as a warning, a simple hello or goodbye.
My mother was a telepath. There were various incidences in our lives when she manifested this extrasensory power.
One morning, she was busy preparing breakfast when she suddenly directed her gaze at the main door. She gasped and called the name of my elder brother who was expected to come anytime.

With quivering voice, she said that she saw my brother standing,soaking wet and telling my mom that the ship sunk.

There was no one at the door. She said that it was just a vision. It hardly lasted for a minute. As always, my mother knelt and prayed for his safety.

Before we can make inquiries, my brother arrived, safe and sound. According to him, at the time my mother saw the vision, he was clinging for his life to a debris floating in the ocean and was thinking of how to communicate with us.
He was among those who were rescued without physical injury.

Some people may call it mother's hunch, while other may call it clairvoyance.
I still think it was telepathy because my brother sent the message and my mother received it.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fairy Tale ?

This story happened in our village in Tandang Sora, Quezon City a few years back, when a man who was considered legally deceased came back and disappeared again.
This is his story.
Carlos at 29 years old had everything anyone could ever want. Good looks, youth,stable job and a successful career that placed him in a position of envy among his peers.
He had no known girl friend although he dated a lot of beautiful girls. It seemed he would like to enjoy his bachelorhood to the fullest. He was fond of night outs. The guards at the gate were already used to his nocturnal adventures and that night was no different when they saw his car entered the gate at wee hour in the morning of Saturday.
Carlos was a few yards away from their house when he saw a small figure ahead, on the side of the road. It was the boy of the village laundrywoman. The poor family lived in a makeshift house at the far end of the village where trees and thick foliage made it look like a small forest.
Recognizing the boy, he swerved off the road and coming to a sudden stop, he rolled down his window.
He asked the boy what he needed. The boy’s voice was filled with anxiety and Carlos thought he was going to cry any moment.
It was his mother. She was in pain when he left her to ask for help.
Carlos paused a moment, considering that next day was a Sunday, decided to help by bringing the woman to a physician. He asked the boy to climb into the car.
There was no paved road leading to the hut of the boy. No electric posts either. It was dark, so he asked for the boy’s directions.
They stopped in front of a small house near a very tall balite tree. He climbed out of his car while watching the boy run and disappeared from his view.
He made his way to the hut where he saw a small light that he thought was too bright coming from a candle.
The boy was nowhere to be found. A table in the middle of the hut was laden with food; black rice, white rice, fruits such as grapes ?, mandarins, apples and peaches--fruits that only moneyed people can afford to put on their tables. At the end of the table were wines and a jug of swirling water.
But that was supposed to be a hut of a family with no means.
Then a beautiful lady appeared. She was apologetic in abducting him by impersonating the boy he knew.
Suddenly, Carlos began to think some of the obviosuly strange details surounding the boy's appearance and the long trip they made to reach the hut.
The lady offered him the black rice. Remembering some stories that he did not believe when was younger, he did not accept the food. He did not know exactly what was bad about eating the black rice and drinking from the swirling water.
Upon his refusal, the parents of the lady made their appearances too. They made a proposal for him to marry their daughter.
At that instant, the surroundings changed. It was no longer a hut but a palatial home. The trees were gone and instead a community existing in another dimension materialized .
He could not do anything. He did not know how to go back. The wedding was solemnized in their own way of conducting marriage.
The bride also wore a bridal gown. Something was unique however in the ceremony. The groom had to carry the bride on his shoulders.
After their marriage, he asked for permission to visit his family to inform his parents of his disappearance but with the thought of not coming back.
His wish was granted. He was made to sleep and when he woke up, he fell off from the balite tree.
He did not find his car where he left it, so he walked.
Surprised by the change in their house overnight that he was gone, he asked a young lady standing infront of a newly painted fence. It could not be his sister. She was just a 14 year old girl last night. How could she had grown to a full woman during his absence?
The sister recognized her and called their parents.
He was gone for five years and nothing had changed in his youthful look. His car was found in a moutainside hundreds of kilometers away from the city. It was cannibalized that only the body frame remained intact. The guards that night recorded his entry but there was no record that he left again during that early morning of Saturday.
The parents could not believe his story but they still sought the help of a priest to prevent him from going back.
Carlos thought that it was easy to leave that other realm. The wife came and started stalking him. The parents and relatives could not see her but they found the grapes that she threw to Carlos.
They would see him talking to someone whom they did not see. He never lived a nornal life again.
He lost his enthusiasm to live that he practically became a recluse until he disappeared again.
The family said that the son was sending messages from the other dimension. He got already kids and he decided to stay there for good.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I LOVE YOU- I can hear dead people

I love you
Dear Mouse,
At times, the psychic dream may not concern the dreamer at all. Sometimes the principal of the dream is not even known to the dreamer. The dreams may come also in spurts. That is, they come in installments. Some say, may karugtong.
My chair at home is not only the swivel model but it is also a high back chair, I can sleep 40 winks while taking a break from the computer.
It was at this moment when I had a dream.
In the short dream, an old man appeared and introduced himself to me. He told me his full name. Strange, I, who have a hard time remembering names in my lucid moments, was able to recall the first and the last names when I woke up.
My IM sounded. It was a friend who was among those in the cyber world who offered condolences when my mom died. We had been chatting thru Ims since he lives in another State.
He was with a sister who was diagnosed with cancer. There was already a second opinion. Next day, he said, they were going to a healer since the doctors gave her only a few weeks to live. They hoped they can find an alternative cure.
I mentioned to him about my dream and the name of the old man. He said he knew a person by that name but he had long been dead. He was his godfather and a close friend of his father. He was curious what was dream about. I told him, he did not say anything but his name. We chatted for another hour, talking mostly about the signs and the expectations from a person who is sick of the deadly C.
It was close to midnight and we both signed off after assuring each other of updates in the next conversation.
I fell asleep the moment, I hit the bed. Then the dream, part 2. There was the old man. It seems the discarnates find it easier to make contact with people in the sleep state.
He had somebody with him who was quiet and he appeared to be in grief. The old man asked me a favor. “Yes”, was my response,even though, I did not know what it was going to be.

Introducing the man who was with him, he asked me if I can relay the request to the daughter. “Who was the daughter”, I asked?
I had already the gut feeling who he was referring to. Strange, he did not mention the name but it seemed, I heard it.

“ But why, I asked.” “Why doesn’t he just approach her and hug her.”
He is a spirit and he could just step in in her room without she knowing it. He could touch her if he liked.
Hearing the old man explained the situation, made me realize, how an unforgiving nature of a man affects the loved ones who have already left this world.
According to the old man, years before his friend died, he did not sit well with the daughter. They may meet during family gathering but there was the chasm between them that there was practically zero communication.
He was a man who had not demonstrated his love for children by means of hugs and expressions of love such as I love you. For him, it was a symbol of weakness. He belonged to the old school where fathers were supposed to be few in words. Words that became unwritten laws that needed to be respected regardless if they were unfair and restrictive.

In the evening, I was excited to talk with my friend. I told him everything. He was quiet at first. I asked how was the visit to the healer.
The healer did not say anyting about the C. He talked more about FORGIVENESS too.
My friend confirmed to me everything in the dream. That was exactly what the healer wanted. Forgive.

Part three dream happened when I went to bed after the talk. I saw a room and a bed. The door opened and came a a shadow of an old man. I coaxed him to enter. He did. He went near the bed and lovingly looked at the figure lying there sick. He said I LOVE YOU and touched her.
A few days after, she died.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Help Me - A Message from a Lost Soul

My brain was still fuzzy and my eyes were not really open when I heard a wailing sound that early morning. Reluctantly, I got up from my bed and listened more intently. Nothing. Even with the pressure to finalize reports, I was still tuned in to the annoying working habits of my male co-worker,such as pounding the keyboard hard as if the force can make the font bolder as in the case of the old reliable typewriters; tapping the printer twice to make it start; and clucking his tongue to express dismay or disapproval. These are just but among the noises that became part of my everyday symphony in my previous workplace. That day,there was another kind of noise. Sobbing. The same sound thatI heard earlier at home.It was louder and I traced the noise to be coming from the corner of my desk. It was coming from a male. They usually come to me when I am half-sleep /half awake, twilight state. This is different. Hesitantly, I asked him, who he is. He wailed some more. He said, he's afraid. He said he he did not know where he is. It's dark. My officemate came in and the noise was gone. Auditors from HK were asking for some back ups. Geee. I came home and sat in the dark for some minute/s. My bulb that was supposed to light up when darkness sets in seemed busted. The crying started again, this time with a plea for help. I was"talking to him" when the phone rung. A friend told me the news. The son of their secretary/caretaker of the office died of unknown reason. He was found sprawled in the hotel patio where he was working as a bellhop. "Was his name...?" I asked. Yes. How did I know his name. The mother called me up. We see each other in the office or partiesut we were never really that close to know about each other's family. I could not blame her if she sounded she was doubting the story. The son intimated to me that before the incident they had a mother-son heart to hear talk about his plan for divorce. He told the mother that there was a third party, another woman. No one knew about this except her mother. The interment was Friday at 12 o clock, noon. I was in the office when I heard the sobs. He was describing to me what he felt. Sadness and fear. In the evening, I was watching the TV when he made his presence felt. He said that his family was praying for his soul and he thought he needed to say something that can get him out of that limbo. I called up the mother. She did not take the phone. They were praying for the repose of the departed son. I left a message to call me when they are finished. I was about to go to bed when the phone rung. It was the mother. She asked me if I have a message from his son. The message was to invoke the assistance of a a guide to help him from that "darkness"he was in. He was too scared to move.She asked if he said something about the cause of his death. I said he refused to talk about it. The third day of the prayer, I was visited again by the young man's spirit. He said he was moving on. He thanked me for listening. I asked him before he finally said goodye why did he chose to comunicate with me. At that time, he was frantic, he just sobbed and hoped that somebody would hear. I heard him.

Friday, May 16, 2008

PALMISTRY-Guhit ng Palad

Palmistry or chiromancy is the art of reading in the hand,the characteristics and the fortune of an individual.

The left hand indicates the character and the propensities while the right hand shows what the individual has made of them during his/her life.

For left handed person,it is the oppposite.
The figure below shows the lines of the palm.


The three major lines are the heart, head and the life.
Since I am left-handed, let's analyze my right palm as to my character .

Line of Heart
When the line of heart runs from the Mount of Saturn, (see diagram ) the subject is likely to be passionate, sensual and selfish.
When the line of heart starts from Saturn and is chained, the individual gives a contempt to the opposite sex.
A line of heart that starts between Jupiter and Saturn gives a balance between the idealistic love of Jupiter and the ardour of Saturn.
A person with no line of the heart or with a very short one lacks a capacity for deep affection.
When the line of heart is very close to the line of the head or there is a narrow space between the two lines, the head rules the heart completely giving a very cold nature.
Line of head
Ideally, the line of head should be clear and well-marked. There should be no breaks or islands between them.
If the line is weak or thin,a poor intellect or lack of continuity is shown.
Line of Life
The line of life that is long, narrow and deep indicates long life and good health.
If it starts from the Mt. of Jupiter, it signifies ambition at an early age.
When the lifeline is connected with the head line, the person is guided by reason and is inclined to be cautious in his or her personal affairs.
When there is a space between the line of head and the line of life it indicates that the person is energetic but if the space is very wide, it indicates that the person is too self-confident.